Rio Grande Mountain Outfitters

Our primary 17,000 acre ranch offers the Texas hunter a very unique opportunity to spot and stalk mule deer and javelina, as well as red stag, aoudad, and some fallow in truly wild country along and above the upper Rio Grande in far West Texas.  None of the ranch's perimeter is game-fenced, making it a rare and exciting hunting opportunity.  The rough beauty and sheer isolation of the land are an added bonus, with unaltered views of mountains, desert, and the Rio Grande stretching for miles.  The precious supply of water coming from springs in the mountains as well as the river below support a diversity of wildlife, including the introduced herd of red deer, the supplemented aoudad herd, and the small fallow herd.  Mule deer and javelina are abundant on the ranch, with some very nice bucks taken over the years.  The mule deer population has been intensely managed over the last four years, with only three bucks coming off of the property during the entire period, 2 of which met "management" criteria.  Prior harvests were also conservative at 2 per year or less.  Predators abound as well, with mountain lions being very common along with coyote, bobcat, foxes, and lynx.  The ranch provides excellent small game hunting opportunities too, with a great quail population and thousands of ducks that cover the backwaters and sloughs in the Rio Grande every fall and winter.

 Texas Mountain Lion Hunts


    As with many of the other ranches on the upper Rio Grande in Texas, we have an abundance of mountain lions.  Their tracks and droppings can be found near every water source on the ranch, and their kills show up often.  Several cats have already been killed on and around the ranch this year.  The animals are mostly nocturnal but daytime sightings and chance harvests have occurred. The high cat density in our area presents a phenomenal hunting opportunity.  
Chance Encounter Kill Fee:                       $350

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